Supermom Summit Podcast

Supermom Summit Video Series

Alison Lumbatis

Superhero Identity: The Capsule Wardrobe Crusader!

Superpower: Creating Packing Lists

Kryptonite: Dove Chocolate

Leanne Ely

Superhero Identity: The Dinner Diva!

Superpower: Empathy and connection

Kryptonite: Truffle fries

Corina Holden

Superhero Identity: The Frump Fighter!

Superpower: Power naps

Kryptonite: Potato chips

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Superhero Identity: The Momma Doctor!

Superpower: Wit

Kryptonite: Messiness and Baklava

Kellie Copeland

Superhero Identity: Commander Kellie

Superpower: Ability to NOT overthink

Kryptonite: Again.. The ability to NOT overthink!


Learn the marriage secrets you WISH you knew year ago!!!

Kim Garst

Superhero Identity: Kim Possible!

Superpower: Taking the complex and making it simple

Kryptonite: Lays potato chips

Jennifer Allwood

Superhero Identity: The Business Bombshell!

Superpower: Building engaging audiences

Kryptonite: Clashing colors

Jennifer Ford Berry

Superhero identity : The Clutter Clearing Expert!

Superpower: Organizing

Kryptonite: Not living on purpose

Terri Savelle Foy

Superhero identity : The Cheerleader of Dreams!

Superpower: My routines

Kryptonite: Cupcakes

April Osteen Simons

Superhero identity : The Personality Master!

Superpower: Doing 15 things at once

Kryptonite: Desserts

Susan Gregory

Superhero identity : The Bible Babe!

Superpower: Being in HIS presence

Kryptonite: Starbuck’s French Roast Coffee

Patrice Washington

Superhero identity : The Wisdom and Wealth Warrior!

Superpower: Encouraging women to live their best lives!

Kryptonite: Negativity

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Superhero identity : Dr. Super Brain

Superpower: Mind-reading

Kryptonite: Brownies

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