Get the Supermom Summit audio and video package for LIFE. Featuring guest speakers such as Terri Savelle Foy, Dr. Anna Cabeca,  Kellie Copeland, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Jennifer Allwood, April Osteen, and so many more…

This package includes:

• The Supermom Summit Audio Series
• Are you a visual learner? This package includes every video recording of EVERY session!
• Alison Lumbatis‘s Closet Staples Wardrobe Builder Shopping List
• Corina Holden‘s Motivate and Activate 3-Day Course and Wardrobe Guide
• Dr. Anna Cabeca‘s “Hormone Harmony” Special Gift Pack
• Kellie Copeland‘s Believer’s Voice of Victory 2-Week Teaching Series ft. Gloria Copeland and her most recent BVOV Magazine Article
• Jennifer Allwood‘s Covering Your Business in Prayer: A Devotional for the Creative Entrepreneur Ebook
• Dr. Caroline Leaf‘s Detox Your Brain in 5 Steps Video Seminar
• Terri Savelle Foy‘s Declutter Your Way To Success book – just pay shipping!
• Exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES footage!

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