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Marriage Monday:

When You Have To Be Apart

by Hannah Keeley

Welcome back to another Marriage Monday. Blair and I are always helping you with how to handle your marriage, and how to make your marriage amazing and exceptional when you’re together.

Here’s the question though, “what do you when you’re apart?” Maybe your spouse is leaving for a business trip or being deployed for some time.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re going to show you how to handle being apart and also what to do when you get back together.

Marriage Monday: When You Have To Be Apart

We have three points that we want to share with you today about what we have designed to make the times that we have to be apart not just tolerable but to help really foster our relationship and make it even better.

It’s important to practice different kinds of techniques and different kinds of tips that do help in situations that are uncommon or at least potentially painful. One of the things we want to really stress is the need for pre-travel constant communication.

Whether you are traveling, or your spouse is traveling. You both should be in constant communication with one another. Not in a needy way, but in a reassuring way. Reassure your spouse that y’all’s relationship is safe and secure and you are waiting for them when they come home.

What you’ll learn:

How to foster a healthy marriage in the midst of traveling and busy schedules.
3 tips that have helped Blair and I’s marriage.
Communication is not just necessary, it’s key to success while being apart.
Preparation helps lessen the stress of being apart.
When the need to travel arises, ask yourself if it is in line with your purpose.
Make coming home from travel you and your spouses favorite part.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”

“You have the power to create what you want to create.”


When was the last time you did something special for your spouse when they came home from traveling? It doesn’t have to be anything grand or even expensive. It can simply be ordering pizza and watching a favorite movie. Quality time, together.

Here is your challenge:

– Be intentional and plan something special for you and your spouse the next time one of you comes home from traveling.

Celebrate your spouse’s return! Make them feel special, loved, cared for, and most importantly, missed. Make their return special. Even if travel is a routine and normal thing. Don’t fall into a pattern.

Next Steps:

Your marriage, next to your relationship with God, should be the most important relationship in your life. That is crazy!

Celebrate that and make it intentional and design it so that you are looking forward to getting back together when you’re done traveling.

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Be blessed like crazy