Mom Fatigue Syndrome?

Tired? Overwhelmed? Exhausted (like all the time)?Curious to find out if you're suffering with Mom Fatigue Syndrome? There's a cure! But first...

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Someday Is Not A Strategy

Today happens NOW!

by Hannah Keeley

Let me ask you this question, “What are you doing today that will help you build a better tomorrow?”

If you’re waiting on someday to begin decluttering your life, making improvements to yourself, and making progress in your life…

Then you’ll probably be waiting until the day you die because someday is not a strategy!

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Someday Is Not A Strategy

I know that as moms we live very busy lives, and oftentimes our personal goals can get shoved to the back of the line!

We focus so much of our energy on our to-do lists, grocery runs, helping our kids with heir homework, cleaning the house, walking the dog, making dinner, we all know the list goes on for miles.

But listen to me when I say this, you have a life, too! You have goals that YOU want to achieve, and you have something that God specifically placed inside you that He didn’t place inside any other person. He gifted you with it!

If you’re always putting yourself last, for whatever reason, whether you’re waiting for the kids to move out, or for summer to be over, or you have a break to get started on YOUR life … you’re going to find that you’re never really gonna live your life…

What you’ll learn:

How to put your needs first!! Yep, you heard that right…
Someday is not a strategy.
Who I believe are the strongest carriers of change on this planet.
Your today can predict your success for your tomorrow.
Why are moms the biggest target for distraction and overload?
• Key to owning your dreams, goals, and vision!
What is and ISO project?

Zechariah 4:10

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hands.”

“It’s not what you do successfully that makes a difference, it’s what you do consistently!”


I believe that as moms, we are specifically targeted by Satan with distraction and overload! Wanna know why? Because if a mom can get distracted, overloaded, and therefore feel overwhelmed, it can easily lead her off her course and down a path of self-destruction.

Mama, I don’t want that for you! I don’t want you to have to go through what I went through all those years ago. You have got to have a strategy in place!

So, here is your challenge:

– Think of one ISO (isolated) project you can do today that will enhance your tomorrow!

Ex. Maybe your entire house is cluttered? Start with one drawer. Finish that small project before you even move on to the other project(s).

Don’t discredit the small projects. What you have to realize is every single dream is built on the small actions taken daily and consistently.

Next Steps:

I hope today resonated with you, mama! I’m a mom of 7. I was so overwhelmed that I used one of my husbands (clean) socks to wipe my tears and blow my snotty nose one day. Trust me, I know what you are feeling right now.

What I also know is that there IS freedom for you! I’ve been coaching moms for a long time, and I have seen so many incredible success stories. That is why I started Mom Mastery University! Will you let me help you? Get inside of MMU with my free 7 day trial. You’ll receive access to my entire online University and receive an email each day from me! Okay? 

I love you so much and I am here for you! You have a tribe of amazing women, inside of MMU, who are here for you too! Let’s get inside, put in the work, and be blessed like crazy 🙂

Be blessed like crazy