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The REAL reason you're getting objections!

(And how to break the cycle)

by Hannah Keeley

All right. It happens all the time, right? No matter what you do, you get objections and it gets frustrating. One objection after another.

If you know me, then you know that I don’t sugar coat anything! I tell you exactly how it is because I love you so much and I have devoted my life to helping and equipping moms!

You are here for a reason, and I’m here to tell you the REAL reason you’re getting objections, and how to turn it around.

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The REAL reason you're getting objections!

The reason you’re getting the same objection over and over again is because you haven’t conquered that same objection in your own life.

The reason you’re getting the same rejection is because you haven’t conquered that rejection in your own life.

Hear me out, as a business leader, or really any kind of leader, you can not lead a person where you have never gone yourself. You cannot do it. It’s not possible. You can’t lead a person.

What you’ll learn:

The REAL reason you’re getting objections!
How to change your thought process when it comes to getting objections.
You can’t lead someone where you’ve never been yourself.
Selling something you don’t believe in is pointless!
You’ve got to be sold before you can sell.
If you are a leader, your level of investment needs to be deeper and more significant than your potential clients.
You need to be training yourself before you ever start training and leading other people

James 1:2-3

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

“You cannot help a person overcome an objection that you have never overcome in your own life.”


Y’all heard me share my own horror story when it came to getting objections. I was trying to sell this $700 washing machine enhancer. But y’all, I NEVER bought one myself! Therefore, I had zero skin in the game and had NO right to be selling it to others expecting them to buy one. I couldn’t even share with them my own experience with the product I was selling. My objection? I wasn’t 100% behind that product and thought it would be a waste of my money. How ridiculous is that?

Here is your challenge:

  • – I want you to look at the objections you’re getting as a mirror where God allows you to look deeper into yourself and see what areas you have not overcome yet. Look at every objection. 
  • – Figure out what objections you get the most of, take that mirror and analyze yourself. Figure out if you’re still dealing with that particular objection in your own life still.

Look, Mama, I didn’t say this exercise or challenge would be comfortable or pretty! But it is SO necessary in order for growth and opportunity to take place!

Next Steps:

So get the boldness and get the strength and just face fear right in its ugly face and stomp it to the ground whenever you get those objections, because instead of getting all bent out of shape, let it show you where you need to grow.

Yes, you’ll get objections, but let them serve you. Learn from them, move forward through them, and keep conquering objections so you can help your tribe conquer them every single day.

Because remember, there ain’t nothing wrong with making money, honey. Be blessed like crazy 🙂

Be blessed like crazy