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4 Ways To Get Your EMOTIONS under CONTROL

(no more emotional rollercoasters!)

by Hannah Keeley

Hey Mama! I know what it’s like when your emotions get totally out of whack. When you just feel like you’re a prisoner to your emotions, and you’re like, what is wrong with me? You’re happy, but then, you’re angry, and then, you’re sad.

I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about, or else you wouldn’t be here!

I have 4 ways to control your emotions that I am going to share with you because this is vital for you to know. When your emotions go up your intellect goes down.

4 Ways To Get Your EMOTIONS Under CONTROL

You’re probably thinking, “But Hannah, what does that mean? When my emotions go up, my intellect goes down?”

That means when you get all fired up, and you get all emotional, and you start making emotional decisions then the logic, the reason, the intellect, all of it goes downhill.

What happens is we do things that we often regret. For instance, we might yell at our kids, we might say something rude to our husbands, we might just start crying to our children because they didn’t do what we wanted.

Well, I wanna let you know, emotions are not a sign of weakness! Let’s abolish that lie once and for all. 

What you’ll learn:

When your emotions go up your intellect goes down.
4 ways to control your emotions
• Level emotions = logic thinking.
When you allow your emotions to get out of control, there is no room for productivity, creativity, or solutions.
What is my “7-second breath” exercise?
How to take a thought captive!

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

“Emotions are a way for our brain to tell us what we're thinking.”


The Bible says that we have the authority to take our thoughts captive, and yet, we walk around like little, deafeated nobodies. Mama, you have the same POWER that rose Jesus from the grave, living INSIDE of you!!!

Here is your challenge:

  • – Take your thoughts captive!!!

Ask yourself, “what am I feeling?”, and honor what you are feeling. However, don’t let it control you. Be objective about it, and see how you can move through this. You don’t wanna get rid of your emotion, you want to move through it, and let it do its work. You can choose to keep it, or you can choose to toss it. Visualize the thought. And take authority over it. Depression, fear, worry, you’re not serving me, you’re not empowering me, you’re not making my life, or my kid’s life better, so I’m letting you go.

Next Steps:

If no one has told you this today, you are amazing, you are brilliant, you are an incredible gift to this world. God has a purpose over your life. God takes joy in you. He rejoices in you, he takes pleasure in you. You are a gift to this world. You are freaking amazing, Mama!

You are who you are, and that is the head, and not the tail, the top and not the bottom. You are a gift to this world. Don’t ever forget that your emotions are merely there to show you how you’re moving through life, and to help you make better decisions about where you’re going.

I hope that helps you today. I love you, but most importantly God loves you! Be blessed like crazy 🙂

Be blessed like crazy