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Marriage Monday:

The Business of Marriage

by Hannah Keeley

Today Blair and I are talking about the business of marriage!

Marriage is a business because you have a purpose. You’re creating something amazing. You’re serving others. There’s a purpose.

Blair and I have 3 qualities we want to share with you that will help you have a hugely successful, and awesome marriage…

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Marriage Monday: The Business of Marriage

In your marriage, you might think that some things are out of balance but you have to get out of thinking that there’s any kind of balance at all.

You are two different people and by being partnered together it’s just like a business.

You and your spouse can have a totally different role than the other and you can be stronger as a result of that.

Don’t go into your marriage expecting the other to change. In the same breath, don’t try to change your spouse! Love them right where they are.

What you’ll learn:

How to see your marriage as a business.
3 qualities you need for a hugely successful marriage.
What might be holding you back from investing in your marriage… 
Marriage is God-ordained!
The importance of having different skill sets and using them wisely.
How you can get a healthy and delicious marriage.
• There is no such thing as an out-game in your Marriage.

Ephesians 5:31

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

"Every sacrifice you make has a spiritual impact, and it does matter."


Does your marriage feel like a business that’s on the verge of bankruptcy? If so, can we encourage you right now that there is always hope! We guarantee it. It comes down to your skillset. It’s what you don’t know what’s keeping you in that place. Blair and I talked about the 3 qualities every successful and growing business has. 

Here is your challenge:

  • – Write down the 3 qualities mentioned in today’s podcast, and discuss them with your spouse.
  • – Share both of your perspectives on all 3 qualities.
  • – Implement them into your Marriage.
  •  Now, it’s time to apply those to YOUR marriage! And, y’all, it doesn’t have to be insanely difficult. Take the pressure off of yourself!

Next Steps:

Marriage is like running a business. It’s what you don’t know what’s making your business fail.

If what you’ve been doing for two years in your business isn’t working, and you’re still in the same income bracket, then maybe you need to get a mentor. Maybe you need to get some business coaching. Maybe you need to plug in and invest more.

We have the Marriage Kitchen, and we would love to help you create a marriage that’s healthy and delicious. Get inside the Marriage Kitchen today and be blessed like crazy 🙂

Be blessed like crazy