Mom Fatigue Syndrome?

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Takeover Tuesday Featuring:

April Osteen Simons

by Hannah Keeley

Today is Takeover Tuesday, and joining me is my friend, April Osteen Simons!

April is an author, speaker, mom, and of course, you can’t go anywhere in the globe without knowing about the Osteen family.

Join me and April today, as she shows us how to practically live by faith, and how we can make it a part of everyday life. I’m so excited!

Takeover Tuesday with April Osteen Simons

What are you saying about your life? What are you saying about your current situation? Are you speaking God’s promises over you and your family, or are you allowing doubt and uncertainty rule over you?

We need to realize that God really is working on our behalf. But the moment we get in distress is the moment that we’re not trusting God.

If we’re speaking against God’s promises and against his favor and against abundance, then he will honor the power of our words. God said, “My covenant will I not break.” So… we’ve got to open up the door to his favor with our words. Life and death are in the tongue, so choose life!

What you’ll learn:

Are you speaking the problem or are you speaking the promise?
You’ve gotta be intentional about magnifying the positive in your life.
There will always be something to be grateful for!
Your attitude is EVERYTHING!
You have got to take control over your emotions.
Bad moments do not make bad mamas!



Proverbs 14:1

“A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down by her own efforts.”

"Gratitude is the energy of abundance.”


April said it perfectly, “Speak to the king and queen in your children. Don’t speak to the mess that they are. Don’t always talk about how late they are. You have such power in your words. Set the tone in your home. Make the atmosphere an atmosphere of peace and joy.” Y’all know I love routines!!!

Here is your challenge: The 4 “E” Routines

  • 1. Establish a routine of prayer. 
  • 2. Establish a routine of peace. 
  • 3. Establish a routine of confidence. 
  • 4. Establish a routine of positivity. 

Moms are like the thermostat. We’re the emotional thermostat. We’re the spiritual thermostat. That’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also a lot of power that we have if we would just tap into that. There is so much power in saying, “I’m not gonna let my feelings vote. I’m not even gonna let them have a vote in my behavior today.” Y’all know I love routines, and April said, “Routines of positivity. Routines of faith.” Establish routines and speak life over yourself and your family, whether you feel it or not.

Next Steps:

Wow. April straight up preached, and I am not mad about it!!!

If you’re finding yourself questioning whether or not God is going to deliver on his promises. Or maybe you’ve been believing the lies of “it’s always going to be like this, learn to live with it.”

Remember this: God’s got this. You are a supermom, and you don’t even have to feel like it to be it. As April says, “Faith it till you make it.” I love you so much, be blessed like crazy 🙂

Be blessed like crazy