Mom Fatigue Syndrome?

Tired? Overwhelmed? Exhausted (like all the time)?Curious to find out if you're suffering with Mom Fatigue Syndrome? There's a cure! But first...

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Takeover Tuesday Featuring:

Amy Freudiger

by Hannah Keeley

Join me and the incredible Amy Freudiger, as she shares with us her CRAZY testimony of not only physical healing, but also emotional and spiritual healing! Seriously… it’ll blow your mind.

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Takeover Tuesday with Amy Freudiger

Have you ever struggled with not having enough faith?

Do you want to learn what the KEY is to unlocking your miracle?

God wants you to live in FREEDOM!

Amy Freudiger’s testimony is nothing short of the miraculous, but she had to fight for her miracle! It’s time to go to WAR for your freedom!

What you’ll learn:

• Who is Amy Freudiger?
• Amy’s journey to her healing.
• How Amy not only received physical healing but also emotional AND spiritual healing.
• The key to unlocking the miraculous.
• How your spiritual health is directly connected to your physical health.
• Exactly how your words affect your world.
• Why the numbers 13 and 9 are so significant to Amy and her story! Boy, oh boy!
• Three practical things you can do to change your circumstances!

Romans 8:11

“And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.”

"A broken spirit dries up your bones."


Are you believing for a miracle? God WANTS to bless you, and He wants you to live in abundance. But just like Amy said, she had to establish a routine EVERY NIGHT before she went to bed. She spoke her miracle into existence, even when her natural circumstances still looked the same. Her faith had to see her healing before she could receive it!

You know how I feel about routines! They are CRUCIAL in our lives, especially as moms! Do these 3 things before bed each night and get ready to see the transformation take place:

  1. 1. Every night for 30 days, open your Bible (app or physical copy) and find 1-2 verses on faith and healing.
  2. 2. Write those verses down on index cards, and start speaking them over yourself and over your situation.
  3. 3. Place them around your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, car, wherever you will see them the most.

Amy mentioned that right before she was healed, she did a 30 day prayer challenge. That ignited her spirit and brought it into alignment with God. Do this 3-step routine for 30 days, and watch how your situation change right before your eyes.

Next Steps:

Y’all NEED to read Amy’s book, “Healed Overnight: My Encounter With The Supernatural”

Like I said, my 11 year old daughter was able to read it and LOVED it!!! No excuses!

 Remember: your mind has got to hear your mouth! Speak your affirmations every single day/night, and be blessed like crazy 🙂

Be blessed like crazy