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Faith-FULL Friday: It's Yours! So Take It!" Part 2

Posted: Aug 01, 2014


It's that time again...Faith-FULL Friday! Yippee! Get ready for a faith-building series that is going to have you waging war, Mama!

You could send the enemy running for his life if you realized how much authority you possessed. It's time to rise up and take what is yours! Find out how to take authority over your emotions, finances, relationships, and more in this life-changing series.

"It's Yours! So Take It!" is a 4-part series that is going to bring you to a brand new level in your faith. Now let's take it!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of "It's Yours! So Take It!"

I am ALWAYS sore!

Posted: Jul 27, 2014


It's a life lesson that came to me in disguise of a college football linebacker, but one that applies to every mom on the planet.

Let's Get REAL!

Posted: Jul 20, 2014


No makeup, no hairspray, Just me being totally real with you. Watch this video and find out what made me shout out, "Shi-take mushrooms!"

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